6 Steps to a Clean & Safe Workplace Free From Falls & Fire Hazards

6 Steps To Creating A Clean & Safe Workplace

1. Mats Matter: Prevent Slips & Falls

Slips and falls are the second leading cause of workplace injury and businesses dishing out worker compensation. Elements get tracked in from outside from dripping umbrellas, melting snow and mud tracked in on boots. Without proper entrance matting, floors become slick and dangerous. There are several companies who specialize in high quality commercial mat rentals and cleaning, so your entrance looks great, your personnel are safe, and your floors stay clean without breaking the bank or any bones.

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2. Keep Chemicals & Cleaning Materials Secure

Janitors and professional facility cleaners often use chemicals in their cleaning. These materials can be dangerous if they come into contact with the human body, so proper care and handling of them is paramount. Give your cleaning materials a special designated area away from heavy traffic in the facility, and store them in a place where they will be unlikely to fall on a passerby. A cabinet or a cage will work very well to achieve this.

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3. Fire Hazards Are Real: Get Rid Of Them

Cleaning chemicals can be combustible. Make sure that their storage space is away from electrical wires and other fire-starting hazards. In the office itself, all passage and doorways should be free of obstruction and objects should never be stored in stairwells. Furthermore, all materials should be kept at least 46cm away from sprinklers, their controls, fire extinguishers, and other fire safety materials.

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4. Break Out The Duster

Be sure to get those hard to reach places when dusting and cleaning a facility. Dust not only can cause respiratory issues, but if it accumulates to even 0.8mm and covers as little as 5% of a room, it can become a severe fire hazard. In fact, the Canadian National Fire Protection Association has remarked that at such levels can even assist in explosions (yes, you read that right) so keep that chemical room spotless!

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5. Clutter? Get Rid Of It!

When there is clutter it negatively affects employees on both a physical and psychological level. Clutter leaves less space for people to move, which can result in trips and injuries. In the event of a fire, it can be a hazard, blocking exits and pathways. Clutter has also been proven to increase stress on a person, which brings about its own health problems and leaves people frustrated and less productive.

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6. Employee Education

Educating your employees on safety regulations and what to do if there is a fire is key to maintaining a safe environment. The more eyes that are able to spot a hazard, the quicker it will be reported and corrected, avoiding a potential disaster.

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At Mills, we want to make sure that everyone is able to go to work in a safe and clean environment.


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