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Mills Office Productivity Aids in Passing Benefit Company Legislation

Greens British Columbia

Mills Aided In Passing The Benefit Company Legislation

Benefit Company Legislation has passed unanimously in BC legislature, giving companies the option to incorporate with an expanded definition of stakeholder considerations. It’s exciting to see BC leadership thinking more broadly about the purpose of business and expanding that purpose beyond narrow fiduciary duties. BC makes history as the first province in the Commonwealth to pass this legislation through a private members bill introduced by the BC Green Party. This was truly a collaboration that went beyond partisan lines with the support of the NDP and the Liberals supporting the legislation when it came time to vote.

This legislation was made possible through the hard work and dedication of Bernie Geiss, from Cove Continuity Advisors and Andrew Weaver & the Green Party Caucus for advocating for this initiative while making sure the language served the best interests of businesses. I would also like to thank Samantha Mills who wrote very personal and impactful emails to the Liberal MLAs in the constituencies where Mills does business highlighting the importance of the legislation for businesses that continue to make positive impact in the communities they serve. This legislation puts BC on the global map as being a leader in supporting a diverse, equitable future for all generations. It truly is a reason to be proud and celebrate!

Michelle Reid
Sustainability Czar
Mills Office Productivity

For more information please see the press release below.

British Columbia Gets Benefit Company Legislation