Custom Promo Products That Support Your Business & The Environment Too

Custom Promo Products That Support Your Business & The Environment Too

Choosing the right promotional products to hand out at your next trade show, fair or networking event is crucial to making a positive lasting impressions that turns handshakes into hard leads. When a business gives away branded products that are not only useful, but environmentally friendly, it sends the message that a company cares about the bigger picture and goes the extra step to make a positive impact in all that it does.

Recycled & Reusable Products That Are Useful In The Office & On The Go

Eco-friendly or not, a promotional product should still accomplish one main goal: it needs to be useful to the recipient. If it is also reusable, that’s even better! The more a person uses your promo product, the more your company brand is put in front of them and others.

1. Recycled Notebooks & Pens

Paper is among the easiest of commodities to recycle. By handing out branded notebooks paired with recycled plastic pens at your next event, you are not only saving trees & keeping plastic out of our oceans, but giving a person all the tools they need to take notes in their next big meeting.

Recycled Notebooks & Pens

2. Recycled Plastic Water Bottles

Whether it’s the dog days of summer or a heart-pumping workout at the gym in winter, staying hydrated is absolutely necessary. People are always glad to receive water bottles they can take with them on the go, and using one that has helped the environment makes them feel good about themselves as well. In turn, there is a positive outlook on your company for having its brand on such an item.

Recycled Plastic Water Bottles


3. Reusable Straws

Plastic is O-U-T! Straws are a simple item we take for granted everyday, but they are wreaking a nightmare on our oceans. We wash and reuse our dishware and eating utensils, so why should a straw be any different? They are easily cleaned with soap and a pipe cleaner. Compact to be brought everywhere with a person, reuseable straws are something they can use everyday!

Reusable Straws

4. Recycled Calendars

Whether they are small, day-to-day desk calendars or standard sized ones to pin up on the wall, there is still an appeal to having a physical calendar to see events at a glance. People will be glad to use one made of recycled paper to help them stay organized.

Note: Calendars are time sensitive promo items. They do best when the New Year is about to start or has just started. Limit the months you give calendars out to the following: December, January or February.

Recycled Calendar

Organic Promotional Products That Wow! Leads With Sustainable Creativity

The second point that makes a good promotional product is creativity. If every stall is handing out pens, yours will certainly not make an impression. Think beyond office supplies! Items that are unique make a brand stand out, and that’s the first step to conversions.

5. Seeds & Grow Kits

Small plants are a favorite office decoration, but they are even more pleasing when a person grows them himself. Each day, they can watch the plant grow, see your company’s brand and think fondly of it. Plus, many of these grow kits are designed with lids to make them easy to travel home with.

TSeeds & Grow Kits

6. Bamboo/Wooden Power Banks

Technology is everywhere. Phones are always on in our pockets, but they’re not always charged. Compact power banks that fit easily into a pocket or a purse are excellent promo items. When they are made from ethically sourced bamboo or wood instead of plastic, they support our modern advancements while benefitting the environment.

Bamboo/Wooden Power Banks

7. Cork Drink Coasters

Coasters are unexpected, unique, useful and appreciated. Cork is super lightweight, easy to transport, and easily recycled. Coasters made of cork with your business’s brand will remind them of your services each time they use it at home or in their man cave when the guys are over.

Cork Drink Coasters

8. Natural Lip Balms

Lip balm is something everyone needs and is often used multiple times a day. When an item is used so frequently, it is definitely something a business wants to put its logo on. Lip balm made from all natural ingredients is sure to get a person’s attention, use, and make a positive impression with its safe and sustainable ingredients.

CNatural Lip Balms

9. Natural Tote & Shopping Bags

Tote & shopping bags that can be reused are a hot commodity. They can be made from recycled plastic, plant fibers, burlap, or even organic cotton. When you hand someone a bag like this, you are saving the earth from many more plastic bags finding their way into the environment while giving people a way to easily carry their goods.

Natural Tote & Shopping Bags

10. Organic Fabric Pet Bandanas

What do people love more than free stuff? Their pets! Pet bandanas made from organic materials with your company colors not only stand out in the crowd among other promo items, but it shows that your business has a human side too. It says that you care about what your clients care about, and that will always make a good impression.

Note: Unless your company logo is already modern or minimalistic, try to keep it small but in sight. A good place is in the corner of the bandana.

Organic Fabric Pet Bandanas

To make the best impact at your next tradeshow or event, trust Mills to provide you with the best quality promotional products to make hard leads!