How To Make Your BC Janitorial Team An Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Crew

How To Make Your Janitorial Team An Eco-Friendly Crew

As people become more conscious about their environmental impact, businesses are stepping up their game to increase their sustainable practices, often becoming B-Corps. While conserving energy and limiting CO2 emissions with their deliveries is the first thing that companies try to implement in their offices and facilities, the materials and practices of janitorial crews can negate the efforts of other eco-friendly intentions with their use of toxic chemicals and unsustainable supplies. Fortunately with the rise of sustainable practices across British Columbia, it’s easier than ever to transform your janitorial team into an eco-friendly crew!

From Vancouver to Fort St. John and beyond, here are some tricks you can start using in your office today…

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Implement A Recycling Program In Your Office!

Implementing a recycling program is perhaps the easiest way for a janitorial team to make a positive impact and improve the sustainability of an office. Simply put recycling bins around the office! On the designated recycling day for your community in British Columbia, the janitorial team will take out the recyclable waste, same as on a normal garbage day.

Microfiber Makes The Best Green Difference For Your Office Cleaning Crew

Using microfiber cloth over cotton or paper towels will immediately give your janitorial routine a green edge.

These are just some of the many benefits of using a microfiber cloth:

  • They are launder-able and re-useable.
  • They have better absorbency.
  • They capture far more dust and dirt from surfaces.
  • They have greater longevity.
  • They can remove smudges from both glass and steel appliances with only water.

Clean Green With Green Cleaning Products—Easy!

Many companies are making eco-friendly cleaning products that limit the harmful chemicals and toxins that enter the closed office and facility environments. From windows and wood to floor and furniture, finding eco-friendly cleaning products is as easy as doing a search on your local provider’s website or checking the bottle for key phrases, such as “eco-friendly” or “green.” Also, don’t forget to click “yes” under the “Recycled” section to narrow your search to make sure you get products that are as green as possible.

Tried & True Old Fashioned Cleaning Hacks: Easy To Use & Better For The Environment

Before the commercialized days of cleaning products, people would keep their homes and offices clean using safe and environmentally conscious methods that worked!

This is the simplest solution: Mix water with vinegar or baking soda and viola! A natural all-purpose cleaner!

Ditch The Use Of Antibacterial & Antimicrobial Products In Your Office!

There is method to this seeming madness, and trust us, its not all that crazy. Regular soap and water in restrooms, breakrooms, and any other places where hands and materials are washed in your office or facility will clean hands just as well, if not better than, antibacterial and antimicrobial products. While they may claim to keep people healthy, they actually are helping to breed super germs, which are evolved species of harmful bacteria and microorganism that are immune to the killing agents in antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaners. By using these products, janitorial crews are only creating more dangerous germs that will affect people in the (very near) future. Regular soap and water is the tried and true classic to keep staff members’ hands clean and safe from a real threat, however science-fictional it may seem.

Limit Harsh Cleaning Chemicals In Your Office Or Facility

Sometimes synthesized chemicals and cleaners cannot be avoided, especially when it comes to tough stains and messes. That being said, try to use them sparingly and only when necessary. The fewer chemicals used in closed spaces like offices, the less toxins people who work there breathe in and get on their skin, whether they realize it or not.

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Say Hello To Hand Dryer & Goodbye To Paper Waste In Your Office Restroom

Hand dryers are proven to limit the spreading of germs, and without paper towels for people to use paper waste is drastically reduced in an office. Less waste means that janitorial crews can focus on total sanitation and maintain a green environment.

The Best Air Freshener In An Office Or Facility Is Fresh Air & Natural

Stop using chemical scents to mask odors or keep nice the room smelling nice. Keep windows open in temperate months to better the air quality by letting the fresh air come in and the unnoticed trapped toxins in the office to flow out. This will increase the quality of the air breathed in by staff members without adding more chemicals into the mix.

If you absolutely need fragrances to improve the comfort of your workspace, try these eco-friendly solutions:

  • Place indoor flowers around the office
  • Boil cinnamon and cloves in your breakroom for a spicy and comforting aroma in autumn and winter.
  • Use essential oil diffusers.

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Don’t Clean Your Office Carpet—Steam It!

Steaming carpets will keep them clean without soaking harmful chemicals into the fibers that will ultimately end up in the air people breathe, as well as on their shoes and clothes. Simple. Effective. Safe.

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