Things To Consider When Choosing A Local Office Furniture Team

Top Things to Consider When Choosing An Office Furniture Design & Installation Team Near Me

When choosing an office furniture design and installation team local to your office, there is more to be gained than simply office furniture. The well being of your employees and the aesthetic of your office must be taken into account. Experienced teams will have the inventory and expertise to pair your unique office and employees with the best-fit furniture. Here are the top things to consider and ask your office furniture representative about when deciding…

Office Furniture Design & Aesthetic

A company providing office furniture should have a plethora of options to suit the style of any office setting. On the most basic level, the furniture should come in many color options to best fit the space: chairs should have different upholsteries and desks should be available in different colored laminates. Some spaces keep to traditional workplace aesthetic, while more modern inspired workplaces have taken a sleek and minimalist approach. A good team will be able to pair new furniture with existing décor for a seamless, yet updated, look.

Ergonomic Engineering & The Office

Any office furniture team worth its salt will make one design recommendation to trump all others: ergonomic engineering. Ergonomics is the science of how the human body and objects in the environment interact. Improper posture and ill-bodily alignment can lead to serious health issues within the time an employee spends with a company. When a person is sitting at a desk for 8 hours each day, ergonomics play an exceptionally important role in maintaining good health. Chairs with ergonomic design will support a person in seated position while promoting proper spinal alignment. Height adjustable desks can allow people to stand while at work, which has incredible health benefits. Anything can be designed ergonomically, including computer mice, mouse pads, keyboards and so much more. If an office furniture design and installation team does not offer or even suggest ergonomic furniture, continue your search for one that does.

Brand Reputation

Like with everything else, there is quality and then there is imitation. Make sure you check the brand reputation of the furniture lines a company carries. Ones such as Global or Heartwood not only have years of experience, but they design most, if not all, of their furniture based on ergonomic engineering research and the latest workplace design trends. Brand quality also brings a safe guarantee that furniture will not break, malfunction, or need to be replaced in the near future.

Workspace Adjustability

While the work done by each employee in an office may be similar in a way, chances are that the employees themselves are not. Some will be tall, some will be petite, and some will be in between. Most ergonomic furniture can adapt and adjust to these differences, making for an easy check out. Still, this is an important point to ask your local office furniture team about when making a decision. Furniture that cannot adjust to different body types would be useless and a waste of money. An experienced team will ask if you have certain employees whose measurements fall outside the spectrum (ie: exceptionally tall or small individuals) so that they can find the office furniture that will best accommodate these people.

Onsite Consultation Services

Choosing furniture to fit your space can be a daunting task. A proper furniture company will have Furniture Specialists that will come to your office to discuss your needs while offering the ability to measure up and do space planning drawings, showing you options on how to achieve the best look and function for the area. For larger projects, they can work with the Designer or Architect, using their floorplans to populate the furniture in, giving you a view at exactly how the finished project will look.

Mills has been one of Canada’s leading office providers for decades because we not only understand how offices work, but the people in them. We keep an eye on the ever-changing workplace design trends, so nothing will ever be out of date. Plus we give our best effort to make environment and community sustainability part of every operation.

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