Mills Office Productivity: Trends That Will Shape The Workplace

Looking To The Future: Trends That Will Shape The Workplace

The future of business is starting today. Trends that seem ordinary are in fact extremely influential and will drastically change not only how work is done, but how the workplace and the people in it will interact. At Mills Office Productivity, we are the experts of all things office, so we’ve been keeping a pulse on these trends, and have condensed our niche knowledge here so your business can be a futuristic success story today…


Nature technology

Bringing your company into the future, attracting top talent, and getting ahead of the competition means intelligently incorporating technology into your workspace. Technology is becoming, smaller, sleeker, and faster. The office of the future will have incorporated technology into its very design, and many have already started to do so. Ergonomic desks and furniture that rise to meet the needs and health standards of all employees are just the start. Smart conference rooms will have interactive walls for team building, strategizing, presenting, and even virtual conferences. Laptops and tablets are only the beginning of the portability that technology can afford, allowing work to be conducted anywhere and at any time.

Technology also means using clean energy and environmentally responsible practices at your work. Trains no longer run on coal, so why should you expect unethically sourced energy and waste programs to remain the norm? Getting started on lessening your business’s carbon footprint is the first step in creating a respectable, forward-thinking image. Not only will your business be helping the environment, but you will also likely save money in doing so, allowing you implement other “futuristic” changes for the better.

Not sure how to get started? Check out how Mills has gone green to get inspired.


World hand

Like we said before, technology is making work mobile. Your next client or business partner could be video conferencing you from Spain or even Japan. Companies thinking outside of their local geographic targets for clients or even services provided by companies will have a greater chance of advancing their own services. Globalization not only affords the prospect of a greater customer base, but also the interaction of new ideas, opinions and cultures. Thinking on a global scale is a notion that is becoming more and more tangible to small businesses and they should keep their eyes on this trend in the years to come.



Globalization isn’t the only way that company employees will interact with people from other cultures. All over the world, but especially here in North America, are people coming to work and live side by side. Hiring and accepting people for their different cultural, gender, and religious backgrounds is key to advancement.

Cultural Diversity within a single office is crucial, not only for acceptance of all people, but because having employees of different backgrounds will widen the range of ideas, influences, and creativity needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Lastly, Company Culture is a major trend that is here to stay. It is actually puzzling how it took so long for this trend to take off. Think about it, people get attached to their schools, their ethnic traditions, their country, and even social groups. The reason is they become part of a culture; they have a community, no matter how small, with likeminded people, giving a sense of belonging. When people go to work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, they shouldn’t feel like the only connection between them and the company is a paycheck. Establishing a company culture and getting employees involved in it, makes a team, not just employees; it gives them more motivation and increases productivity. Why? Because they want to be there and feel like a valued member of their work community.

Watch this quick video to learn more about how to create a strong company culture:

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