Mills Delivers Office Solutions To Businesses In Kelowna

Named for the Interior Salish word for “Grizzly Bear,” Kelowna is home to a thriving community of over 122,000 people. With mountains and water, every turn is a scene to take the breath away. Grape vines flourish here to produce a unique wine that only this climate can boast. People live here securely knowing that the Kelowna General Hospital is the largest and one of the best in the entire southern interior of British Columbia.

At Mills, we work tirelessly to bring the support businesses in Kelowna need to continue on the path to success. In this spirit, we provide our services, such as office, breakroom, and facility supplies procurement, as well as custom printing and office design services. All of this we do using clean, green, sustainable methods so that the idyllic land of Kelowna is preserved now and always.

Mills has become one of Canada’s leading office supply dealers because we value integrity, loyalty, and responsibility. Since 1949, business owners have found that we uphold these values in all that we do and everyone we work with. If your business is located in Kelowna, we encourage you to learn for yourself how Mills makes the differences that matter.

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