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Mills Office Productivity didn’t become one of Canada’s leading office and workspace experts simply by selling office supplies. We’ve added space planning & design to our services because we understand that the design and aesthetic of an office is highly influential upon its workers’ productivity, expression of company culture, and overall organization. Business owners may be hesitant about updating their office’s design because of its potential to not only take a long time, but because the process can be disruptive to work. Fortunately, our methods minimize these factors, ensuring that the process is both quick and efficient with little disruption to your office’s daily work routine.

How We Do It

When you choose Mills as your office interior partners, we update your workspace using methods of the future. Our team will visit your site to take accurate measurements and discuss your vision. Then, our trained team sculpts the entire layout using computer-aided design (CAD) system. This technology allows design to be seen accurately in 3D, so you can review the future of your office before any change is made in the space. In fact, this technology has been linked into our system, so you can choose, swap, and see the exact office furniture and how it will be placed in your workspace. Since our team has the exact pieces and placements down to the inch in the palm of their hand, delivery and installation is done quickly and accurately the first time.

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