Social Hiring Practices

Mills, a certified B Corp since 2012, has a long standing tradition of giving individuals a helping hand up through our open hiring practices. This started back in the early 2000’s with a program based in Vancouver called “Fast Tracks to Employment” through Building Opportunities with Business. The program was designed to train individuals with barriers to employment in our Vancouver warehouse and give them the confidence, experience and skills needed to pursue further job opportunities. Many of the individuals that trained with Mills enjoyed our working environment so much they decided to stay. Since there was only a finite number of positions – Mills wanted to create a greater social impact and in 2007 established HAVE Culinary Training Society. H.A.V.E. provides occupational and life skills training to residents of the community that have been excluded from work due to poverty, homelessness, addiction, or mental and physical disabilities. In addition to occupational training, students in the eight week program receive meals, Food Safe Certification and employment counselling as support to successfully transition into the local workforce. H.A.V.E. restores hope by giving respect, nurturing self-confidence, granting trust, and creating opportunity. To date over 1000+ students have graduated from the program, with nearly 80% successfully finding employment.

In the Greater Vancouver Region, Mills works closely with the following agencies to provide employment to a variety of individuals that may be experiencing barriers to employment:

PLEA Community Services – PLEA’s vision is a world where everyone has the opportunity for a good life, and where everyone counts. To fulfil this vision PLEA delivers unique services, tailored to individual strengths and needs, to children, youth, adults and families facing significant challenges so that they may live fulfilling lives within their communities. Through this program Mills employs youth 15-19 to help to improve the educational and employment prospects through mentoring and job experience programs.

Drive Youth Employment Services – Drive Youth Employment Services (DYES) is Frog Hollow’s youth satellite on Commercial Drive. Operating under the Work BC model, Drive supports approximately 500 youth ages 16-30 each month. Free and confidential services include: 1:1 case management, resource room services, professional counselling, referrals to community programs, training opportunities, paid placements, volunteer opportunities, job development, and financial assistance.