Regardless of the never-ending advance of technology business, there are some things that wires and hard drives just can’t replace. Ask any office receptionist, notary, or any other individual who deals with sensitive documents, and they’ll tell you the same: stamps are absolutely necessary.

Royalty and nobility used to each have sigils for their house or person. These designs were made into custom rings or wax seals confirming a document’s authenticity from the sender. That same principle still applies today.

Custom stamps are so low tech that they are barriers to theft and fraud. Don’t have that notary stamp on your document? Legally invalid. You don’t have our literal stamp of approval, on this proposal? It ain’t happening. No one seems to remember to obtain custom stamps until some complication arises. Fortunately, Mills has got your back, and we couldn’t make it any easier! In fact, with all the options and features we have to choose from, our customers often have fun designing their “royal seal” as it were.

Here Are Some ReMarkable Ideas

  • Stay environmentally conscious with 100% recycled plastic X-stamper stamp.
  • Make it Old Reliable with a Mark-Maker self-inking style stamp.
  • Get artsy with a high-resolution custom graphic Pro-stamp.
  • Keep it classic with a trusty standby rubber stamp.
  • Let people know you mean business with a heavy-duty metal Self-Inking stamp.

Recycled XStamper


Environmentally conscious stamp made from 100% recycled plastic.



Highest quality impression of any pre-inked stamp.

Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamp

Traditional rubber stamp to use with a stamp pad.

Metal Self-Inking Stamp

Metal Self-inking Stamps

Heavy duty, most durable stamp.

And so much more! With so many marking options at your disposal, Mills Print & Custom Services division has you covered.

Want to order custom printed stamps for your business? Simply enter your stamp order through our convenient online portal and see the proof right on your screen before you order.

Or send your requests to [email protected] (or your Mills account representative) and we’ll take care of the rest.

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