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Environmental Products

Blue Box Program - Vancouver Only

Mills’ commitment to the environment extends beyond our suppliers’ environmental practices and examines areas where we can improve our business practices while helping our customers meet their sustainability goals.

Our Blue Box Delivery System is a program in Vancouver whereby goods are delivered in large plastic reusable boxes once a week.

The consolidated delivery process can be summarized as follows:

Step 1: We pack Your Order in Re-usable Bins

Using reusable delivery bins from Frogbox, Mills packs your office supply order with no additional packaging waste. The bin is left with the customer to collect recyclables.

Step 2: On Your Next Order, We Deliver Your Order and Pick-up Your Recyclables

Each week Mills will deliver to your office, at which time we will pick up the Mills bin, now full of recyclables and drop off another Mills bin filled with your order. We accept and recycle used toner cartridges, used pens and markers, and batteries.

Step 3: Recyclables collected are sorted in our warehouse and sent to our Recycling Partners

For Mills’ recycling initiatives, we partner with the following companies: Terracycle, Clover, and Call2Recycle.

Step 4: New Products are Born

Precious metals recovered from used batteries create new batteries, toner cartridges are remanufactured and empty writing instruments are converted into other fun and innovative products.

The empty boxes remain with the customer until the next delivery date; meanwhile, employees are welcome to fill the boxes with any recyclables they wish to dispose of (including pens, markers, toners, and batteries). Upon the next delivery, a Mills driver will bring another Mills box with office supplies and collect the old Mills box with the recyclables.

This system creates a closed-loop delivery cycle with minimal packaging waste and a reduction in carbon emissions. Boxes are provided at the sole expense of Mills. Inherent in this program is the move towards fewer deliveries each week, with the ultimate goal of serving each department once a week. Mills calculated that a reduction in deliveries from each day to once a week reduces carbon emissions by 0.778 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Are You Interested?

Fill out the sign-up form below. Restrictions may apply. Once a week delivery only. Our team will contact you regarding eligibility for the Blue Box Program.



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